Lian / Yi

Tainan City, Taiwan

As part of the Street Museum of Art+ in Tainan City, Lian / Yi is a dual installation adjacent to a pair of the series ventilation structures over Hai-An Road. It all started with the layers of history superimposed on the site.

With a continuous stainless metal screen hovered over the park, Lian (i.e., curtain) stretches and encircles two connected round spaces through the fissure between the ventilation structures. It manifests ephemeral moiré patterns that change with winds, visitors’ perspective as well, and its undulate surfaces twinkle with sunlight like the water that once existed here before.

Yi (i.e., chair) derives from the existing paths and emerges from the ground. It leads the convergence and divergence of people within the translucent screens, invites guests to experience the changes of spatial scale and the effects of surface, and lastly, to join the flow of past memories and future imaginations of Hai-An Road.
Tainan City, Taiwan

Installation, Landscape, Park

Oh Dear Studio

Curatorial Team
UrbanArt Studio

Design Phase, 2017
Completion, 2018

Oh Dear Studio