HM Residence

Brooklyn, NY

HM Residence is designed for an artist and designer couple. The apartment’s existing condition consists of two double-height spatial elements – a winding hallway and a square main living space. The former is narrow and dark, connected to the building corridor, while the latter is wide-opened and has oversized double-hung windows on the walls opening to the west and north.

The programmed spaces that support the couple’s everyday life are nested together like a two-floor condensed house, and it is placed at the center of the two existing contrasting volumes. Two contrasting stairs are installed on both sides of this condensed house: a boxy wood staircase in the hallway art studio and a light metal-framed spiral staircase in the living room.

Translucent polycarbonate panels and sliding doors hover at the upper level, becoming the two facades of the condensed house. One welcomes the couple and visitors, while the other filters light and provides privacy as it opens to the streets. The project is essentially an intervention that interfaces the public and private domains, reflecting the dualities and contrasting qualities of the space and the couple’ everyday life.

Brooklyn, NY, US

Residential, Interior

Design Phase, 2018
Completion, 2019