Dingfu Canal Cafe

Hsinchu City, Taiwan

The site is a linear land adjacent to the Dingfu Canal in Hsinchu City. The irrigation canal, with a total length of 154 kilometers, has a history that can be traced back to as early as the 18th century. Due to the rapid urbanization that happened in the last century, a large portion of the canal was covered or had been treated poorly as a sewage drain until the recent revitalzation project that transformed the canalside to a linear park.

The project is situated at a junction of the canal, three school campuses, and Xuefu Rd, a rare condition where the canal converges with a main road. Four linear elements that follow arcs of different diameters and lengths are proposed: a masonry wall, aisle, standing bar table, and a galvanized metal canopy. These elements converge and disperse along the canal, bridging the canal park at both ends of the site.

Together, these elements form a linear open corridor along the canal, recalling the spatial experience of the veranda at the other side of the canal and Xuefu Road, but surrounded by plants and water. The overlap of various arcs creates a subtle change of spatial and body experience along the path that suddenly opens to a cafe bar and the forested campus of Chiao Tung University.
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Cafe, Landscape, Park


Design Development, 2019