Alice’s Occupying

Taipei, Taiwan

In 2011, the intense nine weeks of Occupying Wall Street in Zuccotti Park not just draws people’s attention to the social and economic crisis, the exercise of protest between physical space and social network─which once conceived as two parallel domains─gives us a lesson of reconstructing public domain in New Media age.

The project “Alice’s Occupying” is trying to explore new possibilities of public space with this premise. It isn’t totally physical nor virtual but integrates the two, and allows citizen to engage in the making of the public sphere through different places, media and networks.

The proposal is a group of temporary structures that are constituted of numerous balloons of 24” in diameter that floats over the plaza of Taipei Fine Art Museum. Everyone can buy balloons on site, it’s app or website, then release them to the suspended nets that are propped up by seven balloon towers with different programs and functions like social forum and classroom. With citizens’ engagements, the balloons will gradually form “clouds” that can be shelters, works of art resulting from collective action or, a playscape full of joy.

After the 3 months’ exhibition, the reusable balloons will be sent to their owners’ place. It aggregates and emerges in the city with people, declares it’s capricious but absolute essence and opinions, and in the end, disperses into the city again.
Taipei, Taiwan


ARMU d+a

Competition, finalist, 2013